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Don’t you just wish that Europe and the rest of the world would band together and choose a reliable source of clean and sustainable energy? We certainly do! Feel free to browse through our site as we discuss various pieces and insight about the ongoing struggle with the World’s energy supply and consumption.

While at least twelve of the newer European Union member states have plans to increase their wind power capacity, what will the rest of the world do? Our dedicated team of writers endlessly scours the web for the latest news about Energy consumption. We share our findings to reasonably raise awareness and gather more allies to solve our impending energy crisis.

We also keep a sharp eye for any developments as it pertains to our sustainable resources and energy policies. With global warming severely reaching a critical point, it is crucial that all band together and push for a truly sustainable energy source.

Be sure to tune in as we share the good news in our quest for renewable energy! While our emphasis on Europe, we hope to share information from around the Globe.

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