Smart Grid: Is This The Solution To Global Warming?

smart grid scaled - Smart Grid: Is This The Solution To Global Warming?

Are you familiar with the concept of the Smart Grid? Join us today as we explore the theories, practical applications, and its relativity to the topic of Global Warming.

What is the Smart Grid?

The smart grid is known as the application of digital tech to the electric power sector. It consists of a host of technologies that are built together in order to be able to fully run diagnostic on its own system. Smart Grids are made to improve not only the performance but also the way electric grids could be accessed and modified.

Smart Grids have been the favorite topic of energy symposium for the last decade or so. One thing that makes them so different for previously existing electrical grids is that the “smart” grids are packed with various software to efficiently link the operation of the energy source.

Special characteristics

  • Integrated Communications
  • Advanced Control Methods
  • Evolved Interface and Support
  • Automatic Meter Reading or Advanced Metering Infrastructure

What is meant by automatic meter reading?

In the aim to provide a seamless and intelligent system, the AMR grants permission for utility providers to directly access electricity, water, and gas meters. It does away with the need to send personnel to do a physical reading of the user’s meters per month. The same is accomplished regarding connection and disconnection.

wind3 - Smart Grid: Is This The Solution To Global Warming?

What does a smart grid have to do with global warming?

Smart Grinds are ideally able to reduce greenhouse gasses in different ways. It helps regulates the voltage received by your system. Smart grids are often operated at a lower voltage in order to avoid distribution losses.

While it does not promise to remove climate change for you, it will definitely slow global warming’s advancement. This smart system is made specifically to adapt and learn in order to develop better ways to mitigate climate change.

As a smart grid does away with the necessity of physically sending someone to read meters or address issues, it severely cuts down air pollution cause by the transportation system of engineers.

What else can a smart grid do?

Smart grids come with digital metering. These meters have software that notifies your utility provider in the event of a power outage. Having a digital meter does away with the necessary computations that may baffle the everyday end user. Instead, all the data can be presented seamlessly. This empowers users to tweak their energy consumption as they see fit. An old issue was to just do what you can and pray the next bill was lower. The Smart Grid lets users manage their home completely, finding out which is connected and which consumes most power.

Smart Grids are the future and it will allow an efficient integration of renewable energy services systems. They are also designed to be “self-healing” this is in the sense that they are able to conduct their own internal diagnosis to determine vulnerabilities and correct the issues. When there’s certainly a lot more things to do in life, having one less thing to think and worry about is always welcome.

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