Helpful Links

We meant it when this is truly a group effort. As such, we keep a weathered eye out into the horizon for useful resources that we can share. Today, we list a few trusty links that you can use to learn more about the topics of energy and renewable energy!

European Environment Agency

The EEA regularly publishes independent information relevant to the different fields of environmental study. This is important when you’re concerned about global warming and its effects on everyone. Pay particular attention to their section about economic sectors! They have pretty interesting and current discussions about energy and the industry which drives it.

European Commission

This specific page by The European Commission presents specific measures in which the EU could remain competitive in the energy industry. They also place emphasis on the importance of clear energy transition.

Global energy is a favored topic as well. You can browse their vast collection of published studies (available in various languages) which discuss a wealth of relevant topics. They also have their own resource materials you can view.

Wind Europe

Formerly known as The European Wind Energy Association, they rebranded into what they are now. They’re a good resource to consider if you support wind generated energy. Wind is a readily available resource and they publish studies which support it.

If you have any helpful resources that you’d like to share with us, give a message! Let’s all pitch in and be successful in attaining affordable and sustainable energy for all!